‘ Dilara has been an amazing source of support on my journey. I started out our sessions with some very repetitive self-limiting beliefs and fears about my relationship, which were really holding me back. Dilara helped me identify these and work on practising my own self-love and compassion for others, enabling me to shift my mindset and vibrate at a higher frequency. She has really helped me to strengthen my faith in universe, which has been key in cultivating the patience to work on my goals and to make me feel that I’m on the right path. Dilara has the aura of a natural healer and fantastic energy. She is great at helping to remove those blockages that stand between you and your big-time goals.’

– Anna, Publicist , London, UK



Engaging with Dilara as my coach at a time in my life where I am going through big, exciting life changes was just perfect. Her insights and ability to gently challenge and focus my intentions and efforts enabled me to stay energised. Having Dilara as my coach gave me an accountability partner, a cheer leader to celebrate all my achievements, big and small, and an understanding, resourceful counterpart for my personal growth journey. If you are at all curious about the benefits of life coaching, give Dilara a try. You will not be disappointed.’

– Christine, Mum, accountant and property investor, Jersey, UK



‘ Dilara has a very warm and personable style making you feel very comfortable in speaking about our development areas that we encounter. She is very attentive and shows empathy as a coach appreciating my situation and challenging me with my thinking and providing guidance and insight where appropriate.’
I would have no hesitation in recommending Dilara.’

– Krish Ruparelia, HR Professional, Birmingham, UK



‘Before starting working with Dilara, I had no idea what to expect and didn’t understand how much it could help me. From our first meeting I felt completely at ease and found it really easy to open up, share my thoughts, fears and challenges (some quite hidden and deep rooted) so that Dilara could help me to work through them. After just a few sessions I could already see and feel the difference and I know I’ve found a coach for life who is both fair and objective, yet encourages me to challenge my own beliefs and recognise my self worth.’

– Kate Davies, Workplace Consultant, London, UK



‘ Before my session with Dilara, I felt ‘nervous’ but once our session was complete, I felt a great calmness and the need to fulfil the things we discussed to help me in my daily life changes.  She made me feel completely at ease from start to finish. I look forward to tell her my successions’ 

– Lynda Cairns, Executive Assistant, London, UK



‘I am a business owner, mom of 4 and an artist. This interesting mix of personalities and responsibilities makes it difficult to control the chaos and make time for what is most important….my kids. This year my business is looking to triple from last year. As this is fabulous news for any business owner, it is also a little scary because I don’t want my time with my children to suffer. Dilara and I started working together late December in the midst of my business jumping into massive growth. I was stressed, overwhelmed and a bit scared. Dilara was able to help calm me and give me simple but effective tools to help me manage the chaos. She has helped me to prioritize my life, set goals, organize my overwhelming thoughts and help me regain a sense of control of my new found responsibilities. At the beginning I was feeling a bit guilty for spending an hour of my time just chatting about life on Skype with someone. I thought it may not be the best use of my time. I can now say, I look forward to our time together! I am excited to share my accomplishments and I can not wait to review what my next set of goals are. Having a coach has been priceless, I feel focused while actually enjoying running multiple businesses. I have found time to devote to bettering myself, I am spending more time with my kids, I feel focus, calm and secure in knowing that I can do this! Thank you Dilara Tetik, you have been my calm in my storm.’

– Dana Propes – Dana Renae Designs, BB Riverboat/Current Catering Weddings, Cincinnati Ohio, USA



‘ I am grateful for the sessions I have with Dilara, for so many reasons.  She makes me grow constantly and she has very clear vision and objectiveness over the things that matter to me. She always seems to have an answer for everything and an ability to help me uncover the decisions I want to make and the actions I need to take to make my goals come to life.

She finds the light that shines inside of you and uncovers the path that the empowered you truly wants to walk on.  She has an immense amount of knowledge, that she is able to apply (which is a big plus for me as I can be quite good in theory, but the practice needed a lot of work). And I absolutely love that she is completely driven but also playful and that she has such a lovely sense of humor.  To conclude this short testimonial that doesn’t really do her justice, one of the things I value most about her and that I would like to mention is that she’s a humanitarian, genuinely cares about people and does not hesitate to go the extra mile when needed. I am lucky that I get to call her my coach and also my friend.’

– Liz Madsen, Romania


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