Things Do Get Better

1This photo made me smile ear to ear. You might not know who she is especially if you don’t live in UK.

Her name is Katie Piper. She was/still is a beautiful girl who had a promising future as a TV presenter. After her split up from her boyfriend, he attacked her with acid in the middle of the street and disfigured her face beyond recognition and she lost her vision on one eye. She had to have more than 30 operations and she said she didn’t want to live anymore at that time.

In her book ‘ Things Get Better’ she tells her story in detail and I was left in tears so many times BUT she has found the strength to live and followed her dream to become a TV presenter despite all the pain and suffering she had to go through.

Today she is a successful TV presenter, an author of a best selling book, a mum and on Friday she married to love of her life.

This photo proves that no matter what happens to us, how hopeless the situation might have seem, even at times we might not want to live anymore THINGS DO GET BETTER.