Working with Dilara delivered noticeable results within two weeks. I had a vision, goals and Dilara in my corner. I was no longer directionless nor disillusioned.. that had all been replaced by happiness, contentment and a level of enthusiasm, I had never experienced before.

Hardeep Takhar

IT Manager


What Is Life coaching ?

Life coaching is one of the most powerful forms we have for creating profound change in our personal and professional lives. It’s a process of self discovery, self-awareness and clear decision making supported by effective action taking to reach our maximum potential. 

Coaching accelerates and supports this process by providing greater focus, structure, accountability, and feedback. 

It’s a partnership based on commitment, trust, honesty and confidentiality. 

 Why you might want a life coach?

Let’s make one thing clear; you are not here to be fixed because you are not broken.I believe you are already magnificent, complete and whole but I also know that we all need help at times.

Maybe you are here right now because you are feeling stuck, unclear, maybe even a bit lost and looking for structure and clarity.

Maybe, you are asking the question which most of us do at one stage in our lives. ’ Is this all there is’ and searching for something more fulfilling and meaningful. 

Maybe, you want to remove yourself from self-doubt, worry and fears so you can live a life you truly want.

Maybe, you have a goal/outcome and ready to take your life to next level and need someone who can help you to bring clarity, focus, structure and accountability.

Or maybe, you are searching for a way out or just want to explore your own feelings. 

Which ever stage you might be in right now, I will help you to unlock your potential to maximise your own performance so you can live a happy, fulfilling, successful and balanced life.

What should you expect from Life Coaching Sessions?

I’m very passionate about human mind and why we do what we do. There is a motivating factor behind all our believes decisions and actions. To create lasting results we need to discover this motivating factor, explore and understand the roots of it. I will help you to discover these motivating factors through powerful questions and technics.

During our coaching sessions, I create a safe space where the most vulnerable parts of yourself, your limiting beliefs and self-defeating behaviour patterns come to light and can finally be addressed.

It’s going to be the most beautiful journey of your life which will be filled with challenges, lots of ‘AHA’ moments, self discovery, and breakthroughs. As your coach, I will be there to  help you, support you, challenge you, encourage you, motivate you, keep you focused and accountable. I will hold your hand when you need it but I will also push you and won’t accept any of your excuses when you are avoiding discomfort and hard work which will be necessary to transform your life from ordinary to extraordinary.

I will encourage you to challenge your own limiting beliefs and help you to recognise your self worth. 

This is going to be a partnership, therefore you will have to be willing to move out of your comfort zone and embrace change.  You must have the ability to challenge yourself and be open to new ways of learning and working. A powerful coaching experience can only be created by a full commitment from both the coach and the client.  I am ready, are you? If so contact me and let’s schedule our initial consultation. I’m very excited to meet with you and hear your story

Within a matter of a few weeks working with Dilara things were starting to take quite a turn. As well as digging deep into the emotional side of the trauma I had gone through with my family, I was starting to learn how to value myself and love myself for who I am now so the changes I wanted to make came from a place of love and self respect because I felt worthy enough to make a better life for myself.

Sarah Williams

mum, va / social media manager

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