Hi I’m Dilara

I am a London based Life and Relationship Coach working with clients internationally, with a corporate background in financial services as an accountant in various city firms going back 10 years. 

Even though I was doing quite well on my career, personal development industry, coaching and speaking where my heart was. Coaching has helped me transform my own life in such ways that when I look back, I can’t even recognise the person I was prior to my personal development journey. 

2015 was the turning point of my life. That year I’ve decided to follow my heart and my true passion which was coaching and speaking. I quit my secure and very well paid job, completed my coaching qualification, became a full time coach and never looked back. For the past 7 years I’ve invested everything I have into my personal, professional and spiritual growth.

I’ve spent thousands of pounds to work with the best coaches to learn from the best people in their fields. Some taught me what to do and some taught me what not to do. I’ve worked with spiritual teachers, psychotherapists who are experts in their fields, read thousands of books, attended countless workshops, received further qualifications, studied and researched thousands of hours and gave many talks, held workshops in various areas of personal development and relationships. 

It hasn’t been easy and a lot of deep inner work was required but everything I had to go through on personal and professional level  exactly what was required to make me the powerful coach that I am today. Ritch Litvin who is one the top coaches in coaching industry states the fact that “ As a coach you can’t take a client any deeper than you’ve gone yourself.” and I completely agree with him.

One thing you should know about me, I am not perfect in any shape or form. I’ve achieved a lot but I’ve made a lot of mistakes too but when it comes to my clients I aim excellence with my service. 

My work is not just based on the qualification, it is based on real life experiences, curiosity and the constant desire to learn and grow. 

I am not just a coach but a true researcher, experimenter and a total geek when it comes to human mind and behaviour. I’m absolutely fascinated with why we do what we do, our patterns, our triggers and the magic of our subconscious mind. 

I believe in spirituality as much as I believe in science. I don’t just do cognitive work, I work with physical body as well as energy body based on my clients needs and requirements. 

I used to think that the ability to feel what others feel almost as deep as they feel was a curse, until I’ve realised it was a true gift. 

It turns out I’m exceptionally gifted at seeing people in their truest form maybe for the first time in their life without them saying a word. 

My mission is to end the suffering of loneliness so that people can have freedom to express their truth and find their place in the world.

some fun facts you might want to know about me

  • I watched Friends episodes so many times that I probably can repeat pretty much every line from every episode.
  • Libraries, books stores and Amazon are my favourite places to hang out. 
  • Both spirituality and science have a big place in my life.
  • I spend most of my money on personal development, coaching, seminars and courses.
  • There is nothing makes me happier than seeing someone who has found his/her passion and shares it with the world.
  • I’m very intuitive but only recently I’ve decided to tune into it.
  • My first celebrity crush was Keanu Reeves and still is.
  • My biggest regret it not seeing Wayne Dyer live when he was alive.
  • My biggest dream is to work with Sarah Blakely.
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