Life Coaching

Life coaching is one of the most powerful forms we have for creating profound change in our personal and professional lives. It’s a process of self discovery, self-awareness and clear decision making supported by effective action taking to reach our maximum potential.

Coaching accelerates and supports this process by providing greater focus, structure, accountability, and feedback.

It’s a partnership based on commitment, trust, honesty and confidentiality.

Let’s make one thing clear; you are not here to be fixed because you are…

Relationship Coaching 

In technical terms my work around relationships and dating is not coaching but  a combination of therapy and coaching. My coaching style is the combination of both based on the clients needs. Let me explain this in more detail to avoid any confusion.

Coaching approaches are usually categorised into three paradigms: goal-focused, developmental, and therapeutic.

In terms of Relationship Coaching, goal-focused coaching is a practice works with the client in the now and in the future and seeks to help clients determine and achieve relationship or dating goals.

Dating Coaching 

I don’t refer myself a dating coach and it is because I am not a dating coach in the traditional sense. I will not advise you on what to wear,

what to say or what to text and it is because these type of advise will not help you to create (attract) a deep and meaningful relationship.

These type of advise are coming from a place lack which causes stress, a lot of confusion and a feeling of not being enough as you are.

If you are looking ways to make someone fall in love with you with one text message or words to make him marry you I’m not your coach. If…

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