“Before I started to work with Dilara I’ve spent a good six to eight months deciding on the right coach for me by chatting to other coaches, having some initial sessions but they weren’t quite the right fit. I woke up one morning and she popped into my head and I knew I had to book a consultation with her. I decided then and there in the consultation that I wanted her as my coach.

When our sessions started I wanted to really get over a past relationship by letting him go, to forgive him and myself and to open my heart again. This was where it began but it transformed into many different things with help for my business and any issues along the way that popped up both personally and professionally. Her weekly updates enabled me to share anything that was troubling me. As a result of our coaching program, I am now ready and actively seeking another relationship and have newfound faith that there are many amazing and wonderful men out there. I feel better about myself in terms of past relationships and friendships. I was able to let go of things that weren’t serving me and in doing so I also now have the belief that I am not on my own in this world. Although I am not religious I know now and trust that the universe has my back no matter what and when I ask I receive. I have also learnt how to step into my feminine power and energy more.

I have listened to and followed my intuition, so much so that I moved back home to Australia where my heart really belongs. I am working on responding rather than reacting in certain situations and when I do so I am keeping my power rather than handing it over.

Feel more connected to my body as I listen to it more and respect it which started with daily habits of exercise, meditation, eating healthy, drinking a homemade juice – all of which I did before but it was stop start. Now I have consistency in my life. I am also a lot more in touch with my emotions and I allow myself to feel them.  I understand that I have very high standards and perfection tendencies of myself which I am more aware of and I am trying to be less hard on myself and others and trying not to take things personally. I could go on for days about what she has helped me with but these are the key areas.

My favorite part of our work was the fact that I didn’t really need to say much sometimes Dilara just knew I wasn’t ok and she was able to help me understand my struggles and help me to see them in a new light. Her continued support and empathetic nature. How I could be me, be open and vulnerable and allow myself to feel the emotions. And her glowing smile and cups of herbal tea on her  sofa 🙂 Also the fact that even when she was going through very tough times of her own she always made us,her clients, priority and it was refreshing to see that you don’t have to have your life together all the time even if you are a life coach. It’s ok to not be ok.

I have been recommending her services and will continue to so because she is an incredibly powerful and grounded woman and her services can be of help to millions. She is the most empathetic person I know. Her innate ability to be able to listen and block everything else out around you is incredible! She is bloody fantastic! And she’s got our back. “

Jayne Robinson

PERSONAL PERFORMANCE COACH – www.jaynerobinsoncoach.com

“Before we started to work together I struggled with confidence and social issues at work. We worked through and created strategies in which I could deal with my circumstances and build more confidence and self-awareness. As a result of our coaching sessions I have moved on in my career and have gained more confidence. This has benefitted not only my professional life, but my personal life too.

What I enjoy the most working with Dilara is that she was very understanding and empathetic. She is a great listener and always made me feel that she understood my worries and concerns. She gave me some great strategies that allowed me work on myself between sessions. I would certainly recommend her services because our sessions made a massive difference in my life. She gave me great insight into my habits and actions and helped me grow and develop.

I would recommend Dilara’s services to people who are having personal struggles or to people that are looking to develop themselves and become more self-aware. She is very compassionate, caring and a great listener. She is able to get to the core of the issue and communicate in a way that is clear and understandable.

If anyone wants to get through an issue or wants to take their life to the next stage then Dilara has the tools to help them do that.”

Marc Tinson


“Dilara and I started working together late December in the midst of my business jumping into massive growth. I was stressed, overwhelmed and a bit scared. She was able to help calm me and give me simple but effective tools to help me manage the chaos. She has helped me to prioritise my life, set goals, organise my overwhelming thoughts and help me regain a sense go control of my new found responsibilities.

At the beginning I was feeling a bit guilty for spending an hour of my time just chatting on Skype with someone. I thought it may not be the best use of my time. I can now say, I look forward to our time together! I am excited to share my accomplishments and I can not wait to review what my next set of goals are. Having a coach has been priceless, I feel focused while actually enjoying running multiple business. I have found time to devote to bettering myself, I am spending more time with my kids, I feel focus, calm and secure in knowing that I can do this!

Thank you Dilara, you have been my calm in my storm.

Dana Propes


“Before I decided to work with Dilara, I followed her work through social media accounts which provided me with some insights into Dilara and her character. From there, it was clear Dilara is an empathetic and was extremely knowledgeable in a number of different subject matters.

There is certain stigma with people working in the coaching industry; most take a very hard sales approach in obtaining clients. Dilara was different; she is a people person and genuinely cares about her clients and their aspirations and there was no hesitation in choosing Dilara as my coach.

I decided to explore coaching after a few years of dealing with a number of challenges, these all took a toll and I found myself stuck in life. Previously, I had been extremely focused and a high achiever in a number of aspects of my life. We quickly established a supportive framework and a set of goals to work towards. Working with Dilara delivered noticeable results within two weeks. I had a vision, goals and Dilara in my corner. I was no longer directionless nor disillusioned, that had all been replaced by happiness, contentment and a level of enthusiasm, I had never experienced before.

My mindset, physical and the spiritual aspects of my life have improved immensely, that is by far the biggest result I have achieved since working with Dilara. All of this growth contributes to my everyday life and I am a better person in every aspect, that includes the relationship with myself and others and delivering on the goals Dilara and I committed too.

The coaching session were extremely enjoyable, each session had a wonderful level of positive and constructive energy. A number of personalised tools are introduced to help you achieve your goals and ensure you have the right mindset for each challenge you face. I left each session with a high level of confidence and energy to tackle everything I needed to achieve in the coming weeks.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Dilara’s services to anyone as she is  able to coach people in a number of different aspects and improve their lives. I would also recommend Dilara’s services to

1) People want to improve their relationship,

2) People interested in moving from the corporate into another realm of business,

3) Men looking to find themselves and really connect with their emotions and the person they are inside.

A transformation will take place whilst working with Dilara, you will grow in so many areas of your life, if you put the work in and follow Dilara’s direction and strategy. This growth will last long after you’ve completed the coaching sessions, so be prepared to have a better life after working with Dilara!

Hardeep Takhar

Senior Technology Manager 

“Last week myself and my partner called Dilara because we had a challenge in our relationship and even though we love each other very much we were ready to break up if we didn’t find an answer.  Dilara is AMAZING! She helped us right there on the spot and gave us all her presence and expertise with clear integrity and honesty, challenging my thoughts and my focus of attention!

I felt the love coming from her and all her great intention to support us! That same evening we put into practice everything she recommended us and we were amazed at the astonishing and immediate results! We have taken our relationship to a stage that we could never ever imagine! 

WOW! I really and strongly recommend Dilara to anyone and couples who have relationship challenges because we know that she really value integrity  and she is able to spot the hidden unconscious traps straight away!

Thank you Dilara, we’ll always owe you our relationship!



After a serious family trauma turned my life upside down I had completely lost my identity and didn’t know who I was anymore; I was also struggling to come to terms with the emotional aspects of what had happened and how to now make the necessary adjustments in my life to deal with what was now my reality. I knew I needed help, there was no denial there. I didn’t want to reach out though because simply I didn’t want to accept that things had to change. I didn’t want to face what was now my reality and I was deeply scared of opening up and confronting what I needed to head on. Having had counselling before I didn’t really trust that working with a coach was going to benefit me in anyway, but I knew coaching would be different and something told me to just simply do my research and find the right person.

I had fallen pregnant with twins and this pregnancy resulted in my youngest boy being stillborn and my other son having complex and life threatening conditions after being born at 26 weeks. Outwardly as a mother and woman I was practically dealing with everything as I needed to but inside I was falling apart. My marriage was hanging on my a thread, my eldest son was struggling to deal with what was happening, I had lost all confidence in myself as a mother and wife and I had lost a lot of respect for myself which led me to putting on a lot of weight and not looking after myself anymore. I had isolated myself and just lived in a mass of my own dark thoughts.

After following Dilara on Facebook for a while, reading her website and seeing her speak at a personal development event, I approached her and asked for a consultation with the view of working with her. Dilara’s honesty and integrity right from that first conversation gave me the confidence to persevere with what I knew was going to be a difficult journey.  Within a matter of a few weeks things were starting to take quite a turn. As well as digging deep into the emotional side of the trauma I had gone through with my family, I was starting to learn how to value myself and love myself for who I am now so the changes I wanted to make came from a place of love and self respect because I felt worthy enough to make a better life for myself. I had established a healthy routine that saw me eating better, practicing how to be grateful for what I have in my life and building stronger relationships with the people closest to me. The dark thoughts that were always in my head were disappearing very quickly and I really started to believe in the process and believe in myself. I was learning how to share space with my husband where we could both be vulnerable with each other and start turning towards each other for support rather than dealing with our emotions on our own. This is where I begin to feel my little family starting to pull back together.

The one thing that stood out for me when working with Dilara is how one session was never the same as the next and I decided what was discussed. One session could be literally time for me to open up in a safe place and feel listened to and the next one could be about putting a strategy in place with the changes I wanted to make in my life. The session never ended until I felt I had absolute clarity over how the session went, the outcome of the session and a strategy to work on if necessary. I felt valued, I felt listened to, I felt respected and ultimately I always left each session with tools that allowed me to work on what I wanted to change.  

I would recommend Dilara to anyone who wants to learn how to live in a place of being able to love and see their self worth in order to strengthen relationships with their loved ones, rebuild connections and make changes in their lives in order to always live in a state of love and gratitude. To be able to have that safe place to go to and be vulnerable, let things go, be listened to and most importantly to be guided and directed by someone who appreciates and respects you and gives you key strategies that are simply life changing.

For anyone looking to work with Dilara the most important thing to know is that even though it is going to difficult, it is going to be intense, you may even feel worse before things start to get better, you are going to feel so vulnerable and exposed and even reach that point of thinking you cannot go on – it is completely going to be worth it. Dilara gives so much time, energy and effort with her clients. She gives so much love, respect and appreciation but at the same time is very direct and gives you strategies and tools to work with that will change your life. She will work with you at the level you need her to but allow you that space to start believing in yourself and work by yourself when the time is right as the aim is never to have you needing or depending on a coach for the rest of your life, but having that faith in yourself to trust yourself. “              

Sarah Williams


Before I start to work with Dilara I was struggling with clarity and decision making. I felt that there were a lot of conflicting things going on in my mind and this was affecting my ability to make a decision. It was becoming very mentally draining.

Fear clouding my judgement – I had big plans and ambitions and I found fear was holding me back from trying certain things. I wanted to reduce the fear so I was free in my mind to try those things.

Strategy for moving forward – I’m an ambitious person and don’t want to have a mediocre life. Therefore I wanted a strategy that was going to help me get to where I wanted to far quicker than the current way.

As a result of working with Dilara I have far more clarity and purpose in my life. I know what I want and I’m going for it. I’ve reduced my indecision and become more risk averse.

What I enjoyed working with Dilara the most is, she is a very good listener and has a knack for understanding what I really need and want. She cuts through the responses that I give and gets down to the core of what I want. I enjoyed this aspect of her coaching the most. Sometimes I didn’t totally know what I want and she would help me understand it.

I would recommend to work with Dilara to anyone who is looking to gain more clarity, improve their relationship with fear and who wants mentoring on how best to achieve a goal. Anyone who is hungry to improve will benefit from working with her.

She will go deep so anyone who want to work with her, should be prepared to open up if they want to get maximum results.

Dilara has a nice mix between pure coaching and mentoring. She knows when it is effective to use the right strategy. Dilara is a results-based person so she doesn’t believe in a lot of the fluff that some other coaches do. She understands your needs and provides the appropriate support that you need at that time to get real results.”


Performance Coach

“Prior to working together with Dilara, I had issues with low self belief/self worth, low confidence and  issues in my relationship with my partner. I was struggling to make my business work. Since our work how I feel about myself is totally different. I value who I am and the contribution that I make in the world. 

She helped me fall in love with myself and this is the greatest gift you can give any human being. I also have a much better relationship with my partner and have have really learned to value who he is and what we have together. I’ve also taken action on a lot of areas in my business that scare me. I enjoyed everything about our sessions with Dilara.  They were always super powerful and healing. Always showing me new insights and giving me breakthroughs. She was always available outside of my sessions when I needed her and her belief in me has been unwavering. She delivers the truth but in the most loving way. I would absolutely recommend her services and already have done so. She is a very talented coach and anyone that she choses to work with is privileged. 

I would recommend her services to people struggling with getting a partner, or in their relationship as well as those with low self confidence and self belief which is hindering them.

She is heart centered and really care about her clients. This is not just a business but her calling in life for sure! She won’t hold back from what needs to be said and will  hold her clients accountable. “

Nadia Patel

LIFE COACH – www.nadiapatelcoaching.com

“I contacted Dilara about some serious problems in my relationship, that I needed some outside perspective on, and it was really make or break time.

Dilara was receptive, open and encouraging and asked lots of questions to help us see things more clearly. She challenged strongly in some areas, encouraging us to drop some language we were using and to recognise the positives that we had which we were in danger of missing or losing. She recommended some material which helped a lot, in fact that very evening we had a BIG breakthrough in our relationship on the back of Dilara’s incredible support.

Massive thanks to Dilara, she’s one of the genuine ones who really wants to help, in service mode, not selling mode! Thank you Dilara!

If anyone needs support on their relationship get in touch with her now!



I can with full confidence say that working with Dilara changed my life and relationship. Both her workshops and personal coaching has changed my life in many ways. I had no idea what masculine and feminine energy was and understanding it has allowed my relationship to grow from strength to strength and has taught us how to communicate our needs better.

Dilara is one of the kindest, empathetic and non judgmental people I’ve had the honour of crossing paths with. She listens without judgment, makes you question your reality so that you may step into your truth and gives practical tips on how to have the best relationship with yourself and a partner. 

Everyone needs a Dilara in their life because she shines a light on the dark parts of your soul so that light may come in and what a gift to the world that is.”

Marium Zulfiqar


“I had no hesitation working with Dilara since I have been following her on FB and attended her seminars. I knew she could help me, especially after the initial consultation.

Before we started to work together I was in a difficult life situation, feeling depressed, demotivated and not having the mental capacity to run my business. I was urgently in need of some guidance to get me out of the mental trap. As a result of our work I was so released and feeling refreshed and full of hope even after the 3rd session. There were even issues I wasn’t aware of came out and we released them.

What I enjoyed most about working with Dilara is that she is so spiritual and could feel how I felt, so she helped me in the way others wouldn’t be able to. At the same time, because I can feel different energies, it was so well matched for us to work together. Sometimes without the need of words and she got me.

I would highly recommend her services and if you are reading this and planning to work with Dilara, I suggest you to give absolute trust to her  and open your heart to accept any messages that come to you. Follow the guidance and what you want to solve will come to you.”

Ellen Zha

CO-FOUNDER OF – www.spaceandshape.com

Dilara is a coach I go to whenever I need genuine and no BS answers about my relationship.

What I admire about her work is that she opens you up for a new perspective which allows you to figure out the solutions by yourself. She holds space for you with her loving and supportive energy. I always feel so save in her hands and she always knows what to say to bring the results that are needed.

In one of the sessions she helped me see how I was sabotaging my relationship and gave me the awareness I needed to shift. My relationship looks like a peaceful sea after implementing the insights I’ve gain through my work with her. I’m so grateful for your loving heart, Dilara! Thank you for all your help. “

Taja Karner

HAPPINESS COACH & SPEAKER – www.tajakarner.com

“Dilara and her work came into my life at a particularly painful period for me. I had known her for a while but not gotten to know her and her work properly for some reasons. The support I felt from Dilara was amazing. She gave me the space to be completely open and to share whatever emotions I was experiencing.

We have done a lot of work together and healed some old wounds around owning my femininity and growing my confidence to be me, no matter what. Helping me to move towards a place of peace and gratitude. Thank you Dilara!”

Laura Dear


“When I started working with Dilara I was at a very confused state. My thoughts were chaotic and catastrophic. I was facing a very challenging period at work and personal life. I was depressed, overstressed about everything in my life and suffering from panic attacks.

Working with a psychologist at that time made me realise that was not the type of help I needed hence I felt the need to start working with a life coach but I did not know much about it. It was only when I saw Dilara talking on a Facebook video that I felt the need to meet her in person and work with her.  

During our sessions, Dilara gave me time and space to express myself. I felt I was being heard and guided when I needed the most. I never ever left our sessions feeling confused and that was something I really appreciated working with her. Her insight and ability to listen to my heart helped me immensely and took me to another level of thinking about myself. She gave me tools to overcome my challenges. She came into my life as blessing the moment I felt I was losing myself!

Thank you Dilara! May be always blessed! “

Areti Valvaresou 


“I found Dilara to be very professional and emphatic. She really listened to me and understood what my fears were. She gave me good tools to start using to help my broken heart and I felt very empowered at the end of our conversation.

Thanks Dilara!”

Lucy Butler


“Before starting working with Dilara, I had no idea what to expect and didn’t understand how much it could help me. From our first meeting I felt completely at ease and found it really easy to open up, share my thoughts, fears and challenges (some quite hidden and deep rooted) so that Dilara could help me to work through them. After just a few sessions I could already see and feel the difference and I know I’ve found a coach for life who is both fair and objective, yet encourages me to challenge my own beliefs and recognise my self worth.” 

Kate Davies


“Before I decided to work with Dilara I hesitated as to whether it would help me as I didn’t really know what my problem was, I just knew I wanted to feel like me again and sort out my love life. I came to her to help with my love life but she’d literally helped me with problems that I didn’t even know existed. I thought it was love life but now realise it was wayyy bigger than that.
Since we started to work together, I’ve got my peace back, I feel so much more trust in myself. I understand my thought patterns so much better, I understand that my emotions are not my reality. I’ve learned to love myself again, I didn’t even realise that I had stopped. I’m able to be vulnerable again and feel way more authentically me. I’ve got back the things that I didn’t even realise I’d lost, I just knew I was different (not in a good way) and didn’t know how to fix.
What I enjoyed the most working with Dilara is her being herself. She is so down to earth, it’s like talking to a best friend but one who knows exactly what she’s talking about. She can relate, she reads me well and adjusts how she articulates things to me accordingly and she is sooo soo funny! I also really like the fact that she has a spiritual side to her as I don’t think I could’ve done so much work with anyone who didn’t. I Genuinely look forward to every session. Also a massive thank you to her for making time for me even when she is busy and even when she gets nothing from it, she genuinely cares and that’s so important to me. She didn’t judge me even when I judged myself, she became a massive safe space when I couldn’t find that in myself.
I recommend working with Dilara to everyone all the time, to anyone I can see needs help. I always say they’ll enjoy talking to her and she’ll see things in them that they don’t even realise and help them to make sense of it all. I say that she’s really fun and will crack them up as well as fixing their life.
The most important thing people should know about working with her is that she is relatable and a joy to talk to. Most people think of any sort of counselling or coaching as a chore, they don’t realise the relief they’ll get out of Dilara’s ability to make sense of their mind and emotions and the laugh they’ll have on the way.
All in all Dilara is the best, she has added soo much to my life in this past year, I genuinely feel the best and the most myself I have in years and even better than my former self! Thank you so so much.”



“I am grateful for the sessions I have with Dilara, for so many reasons. she makes me grow constantly and she has a very clear vision and objectiveness over the things that matter to me. She always seems to have an answer for everything and ability to help me uncover the decisions I want to make and the actions I need to take to make my goals come to life.

She finds the light that shines inside of you and uncovers the path that the empowered you truly wants to walk on. She has an immense amount of knowledge, that she is able to apply (which is a big plus for me as I can be quite good in theory, but the practice needed a lot of work). And I absolutely love that she is completely driven but also playful and that she has such a lovely sense of humour.

To conclude this short testimonial that doesn’t really do her justice, one of the things I value most about her and that I would like to mention is that she’s a humanitarian, genuinely cares about people and does not hesitate to go to extra mile when needed. I am lucky that I get to call her my coach.”

Liz Madsen


“After a one hour session with Dilara, already 15 minutes into the session I’ve realised the things I needed to work on. It did not even occur to me,  half of the things Dilara pointed out to me. One being setting boundaries, for healthier relationships.

She doesn’t sugarcoat things when giving her thoughts, just says it bluntly in an authentic manner  – that way it keeps you thinking and getting more out of the session! The session has definitely been a real eye opener for me. I’ve had a lot of “aha” moments both during and after the session when reflecting back on our session. Thank you Dilara!”

Gamze Sen


“Before I decided to work with Dilara I lacked direction. I had no actual goals so my first thought was coaching might be wasting my money . Little did I know that it was going to be a money very well spent. 

Prior to our coaching, I felt that my work lacked passion and purpose. However, as I got to work with Dilara I realised that it was the way I saw a situation that determined the outcome.  Therefore, my perspective changed. One of the main things I have achieved since we started to work together is the ability to connect to my intuition and be vulnerable with others. I had disconnected from my intuition in ways I was not aware of. As I worked with her I saw that the more connected to myself within, the happier I became. So for example to feel emotions for what they were and not to suppress them.

What I enjoyed the most about working with Dilara is that,  the way she didn’t accept excuses and always pushed me in ways that I needed. 

If you feel stuck in a situation and do not know which route to take or which action to take ,Dilara will enable you to open your horizon to new opportunities. She always will make sure you go within and look at things which we avoid to do by ourselves. She provides a safe space for her clients to be vulnerable which enables the transformation to take place.

Dil Ulger


“I hesitated before I started to work with a Dilara as I wasn’t sure what to expect but I went with my gut after speaking to her and I am 100 per cent glad I did.

I was struggling with my emotions after going through a lot of trauma and feeling stuck in life. After working with Dilara, I am in a much better place and am able to deal with my emotions in a more positive way.

I really enjoyed my sessions with Dilara and felt that she was on the same wavelength as me. The sessions were very productive and fun at the same time. Some were harder than others when releasing built up emotions but I always went away from a session feeling better. Dilara is very empathetic and a great listener. She will hold you accountable though so be prepared 🙂

I would recommend Dilara to anyone that needs a boost and wants to deal any struggles that they are facing. I feel much more focused and have regained the confidence that I lost. I have taken action to improve my life with Dilara’s support. Thank you Dilara.”

Miss S.M.


“The hesitation I had prior to start to work with Dilara was that I didn’t know what coaching was and what it involved. However, in our consultation, she gave me the opportunity to be heard. Actually after a very long time someone was trying to understand me. So it was very clear and comfortable of starting this journey.

Before working with Dilara I was lost, had no confidence and was sleep walking through life. Basically I had no self acceptance and self love to my self. I have come to a conclusion that for a fulfilling life, it all comes down to self acceptance and self love, which was not existing in me. She opened my eyes to my inner self that allowed me for self acceptance and self love to my self.

I don’t know where to start to explain the things I have achieved since working with Dilara but if I was to sum it up, I went on a journey of being boy before we started working together and at the end of the journey, I became a man. I can say that nearly every aspect of my self/life has changed.

During our work, I loved and enjoyed the journey of exploration about me, where I can be my self and knowing I won’t be judged but instead be in a loving space. Now looking back, the moments where she would hit me with my excuses or stories I was saying. Most importantly, I have found a new soul sister that I know can opening talk to and count on.

I definitely would recommend Dilara’s services. If you’re a person that is fed up in the same cycle and telling your self the same stories/excuses and want to change but don’t know how too. If you’re looking to cross over the bridge and are scared, Dilara will be the rails of that bridge. As she will always encourage you but won’t force to move forward, only if you wish too and will make sure you won’t fall either.

If you want to work with Dilara, it is important for you to be clear, honest and willing on the journey you will be going on. She will be a total mirror of you, the more effort you give, the more you will get. You will know/feel that you have a normal human being in front of you and not a person that acts or seems to be perfect or right.”

Fikret Ulger


“Engaging with Dilara as my coach at a time in my life where I am going through big, exciting life changes was just perfect. Her insights and ability to gently challenge and focus my intentions and efforts enabled me to stay energised. Having Dilara as my coach gave me an accountability partner, a cheerleader to celebrate all my achievements, big and small and an understanding, resourceful counterpart for my personal growth journey.

If you are at all curious about the benefits of life coaching, give Dilara a try. You will not be disappointed.”



“Dilara has been an amazing source of support on my journey. I started out our sessions with some very repetitive self-limiting beliefs and fears about my relationships, which were really holding me back. Dilara helped me identify these and work on practice my own self-love and compassion for others, enabling me to shift my mindset and vibrate at a higher frequency. She has really helped me strengthen my faith in universe, which has been key in cultivating the patience to work on my goals and to make me feel that I’m on the right path.

Dilara has the aura of a natural healer and fantastic energy. She is great at helping to remove those blockages that stand between you and your big-time goals.



“Initially, I was quite dubious about whether Dilara would be able to help me with my difficulties, as there were a range of issues I needed to work through. These included loss, relationship breakdown and a general feeling of being lost. However I heard good things about Dilara and so I arranged an initial consultation with her. I’m glad I did.

Dilara was very knowledgeable. She was able to pick up on key areas and this helped me to build a trust with her. Working in mental health care myself and having been trained in various therapies, I was weary of other’s approaches. But I felt comfortable to let Dilara guide me.

Dilara was non judgemental, witty and made it feel easy to be vulnerable. What I liked most about Dilara, was that she was so open minded and I connected with her on an energy level. I have benefitted immensely from the work we have done and I would not hesitate to work with Dilara again or recommend her to others.

Parveen Kaur


“Words can’t express my deepest gratitude to you and your coaching. You brought us back together when we felt like giving up. Thank you for teaching us emotional intimacy and reminding us why we fell in love with each other. After our emergency coaching call with you, we were up till 3am talking just like when we first met. Now I can remember again why I chose to marry him and have a family with him. 

Your ability to hear what he needed and allowing me the space to be mad was just what we needed. Thank you! You are incredible!”

Jessie & Harold

Finance Director & Author, Journalist

“We’re so grateful to Dilara for being our couples coach and helping us get our marriage back on track.

When we approached Dilara, we had been feeling disconnected as a couple for many years. We were two functioning parents, prioritising the kids and my health issues above our relationship. However, after working with Dilara, we were able to reconnect on both an emotional and physical level. Dilara helped us both to discover new perspectives of what our needs were, and learn to communicate and meet them willingly and with ease.

With Dilara’s insight and guidance, we were also able to clear an historical block in our relationship, which has allowed us to feel deep love and connection once again. Thank you so much!

A.C. & H.C.

Wellness Coach & Accountant

“My husband and I agree, Dilara literally saved our marriage. We were on the verge of separation after 22 years of marriage. We came to Dilara as a last resort. We wanted to make sure we have tried everything to make our marriage work. I can honestly say we could not have been more fortunate to have found her.

In 4 weeks with her patience, listening skills (she could even hear what wasn’t been said) and the exercises she gave us after each session, she brought us closer than we’ve ever been for a long time. 

She helped us with setting healthy boundaries, how to be present with each other and communicating our needs with each other. What stood out the most working with Dilara was, she helped us with becoming best friends again instead of just focusing on being a married couple. She helped us rebuilding our foundations and removed the pressure of staying together for the wrong reasons. Once we felt free, we could be playful again just like when we first met.

We still have work to do but we are committed to make our marriage work and with Dilara’s support and guidance we know we can make it. 

Mollie & Vijay

full-time mum & investor

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