The first ever personal development event I’ve ever attended was Tony Robins’s 4 full day, intense and life changing event Unleash The Power Within. He was absolutely magnetic on stage and so very powerful. During that event, I ‘ve realised one day I wanted to be on that stage too, speaking to thousands of people from different parts of the world and transform their lives just like Tony changed mine.

Shortly after the event I’ve trained with speakers training academy, organised my own events and have been invited to speak at various stages and platforms.

In less than a year, I was the only female speaker at London’s biggest personal development group YES Group London’s first ever annual workshop and shared the stage with 3 other very powerful and experienced speakers who are the best in their respective fields. Needles to say it was a life changing moment for me as a speaker.

Since then I have been invited to speaking at different personal development platforms and have been invited speak on podcasts, radio shows all around the UK and some prestigious venues such as The Ned.


“Dilara Tetik spoke at The Female Speaking Academy event aimed at helping women speak up and progress in life and business. She connected well with the audience, was very personable and professional and she spent extra time listening to the other speakers and interacting with the participants. Her high quality content was amazing. You won’t be disappointed when hiring Dilara for your next event.”

Clare C Dently – The Female Speaking Academy

“Dilara is always a firm favourite when she speaks at our events,  captivating our audiences and constantly finding fresh and new approaches to the conventional methods. She seems to have a gift for connecting with people at a very deep level to challenge their current way of thinking. Her dedication to integrity and professionalism together with her trademark mix of directness and care makes for a unique and compelling style of leadership. We would highly recommend her.”

Ben Allsop ~ Founder of Shape Your Destiny

“It was great to have Dilara speak at our PMV Tribe and what I love about Dilara’s speaking that separates her from the pack is her realness and vulnerability which is why I was so excited to have her speak about this topic, it’s such a powerful message and I don’t know anyone out there who does a better job in representing this material this level of authenticity. I admire her courage to speak her truth in her talks and her loving and caring, warm nature makes it very easy for the audience to feel comfortable to engage and approach her to ask questions! I was looking forward to having Dilara speak for weeks and it was totally worth the wait! I highly recommend her as a speaker, she comes from a place of true service, she delivers value and she leaves the audience moved with words that come straight from her heart.”

Shamoni Gilani ~ Intuitive Niche & Message Clarity Maven

“ The first time I met Dilara Tetik was at a Speaker’s express programme. She is an amazing professional woman, and has this amazing energy and bubbly personality which lead me to invite her to speak at my event ‘Mind & body Lifestyle Event’ in London. She offers great value to and genuinely cares for  her audience. I highly recommend working with Dilara.”

Agnes George – Mind & Body Lifestyle Event

“Thank you Dilara for a wonderful talk at YES Group Norwich . You inspired many people, helped them understand what loneliness truly means and how to embrace connection to avoid isolation. I loved your empathic way of not just presenting but connecting with everyone in the room and making people feel comfortable with sharing their situation and inner challenges. You are a truly beautiful speaker and I know that many people left empowered to change their life for the better.”

Flavia Powell – YES Group Norwich 

Topics that I speak on regularly include :


  • Love languages
  • Attachment styles
  • Toxic relationships
  • Boundaries
  • Emotional Intimacy
  • Effective communication skills
  • Vulnerability and courage


  • Mindset
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Mindfullness
  • Self worth
  • Self confidence
  • Passion and purpose
  • Taking responsibility 
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