Emotional Intelligence

The biggest investment you can do for yourself is to invest in learning/understanding emotional intelligence.

I’ve struggled with this, pretty much my whole life. I let my emotions control me especially when fear kicked in. I ended up making wrong decisions, saying & doing wrong things at the wrong time, wrong place.

Women(some, not all) particularly struggle with this because we haven’t been conditioned to hide our emotions as much as men do and of course during our cycles due to the hormonal changes it gets a bit more challenging.

I always thought I had to get rid of a lot of my characteristics in order to fit in& to become a real “nice” person but what I didn’t realise is that I didn’t need to get rid of them I just needed to learn to understand & control them so they could not unconsciously control me anymore.

What you think is a weakness of yours is actually your BIGGEST strength but you need to learn to channel it to the right direction so it benefits you and empowers you.

Society tells us how we should be, what we should or shouldn’t do all day everyday in every way. As a result of this we hide our feelings and do everything to get rid of them especially if they don’t make us look good or strong. Emotions, feelings are our biggest power and the core of our intuition. They teach us empathy, compassion, acceptance, love which deep inside what we all are yearning for but if we are controlled by them we are going to be blinded by their power.

Learn to understand your emotions,

Express them in a healthy way,

Don’t be controlled by them,

and watch how your life changes for the better 

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