Emotional Intelligence

The biggest investment you can do for yourself is to invest in learning/understanding emotional intelligence.

I’ve struggled with this, pretty much my whole life. I let my emotions control me especially when fear kicked in. I ended up making wrong decisions, saying & doing wrong things at the wrong time, wrong place.

Women(some, not all) particularly struggle with this because we haven’t been conditioned to hide our emotions as much as men do and of course during our cycles due to the hormonal changes it gets a bit more challenging.

Whose fault is it anyway?

Do you remember the Friends episode where Rachel and Ross were on a break and Rachel gave Ross a letter which was 6 pages front and back and in the letter she asked him to take full responsibility of what had happened in their relationship. Ross fell asleep and didn’t even read the letter fully but said yes to not knowing what it was he was saying yes to. When he found out, he yelled ‘ We were on a break’ and refused to take responsibility for it, than all kicked off and they had a big argument and ended their relationships again.

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